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Passing “Go,” in the game of Monopoly means you get to collect $200 and continue advancing around the board. Each trip around the game board affords you a myriad of opportunities ranging from: buying and selling property, paying rent, utilities, engaging in negotiations, and much more!


When you really stop and think about this concept of passing “Go,” it’s quite fascinating.  When you pass “Go,” you’re propelled into action (rolling the dice) and even compensated for it (collecting $200). But what about those in real life who are afraid to pass “Go”? Who are completely terrified of taking the leap and diving headfirst into their art and tapping into their true gifts and <gulp> sharing them with the world?


What happens to these people?


I know…they complete the phrase on the “chance card” which commands, that they “Go directly to jail. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.”


If you’re not going to share your gifts, you might as well consider yourself in prison.

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